You thought 2013 was a big year for mobility? Get ready for even better years ahead. The move to mobile is happening at the speed of a download. According to VisionMobile research, the global app economy was worth $53 billion in 2013 and it is expected to triple in 2016 to a whopping $143 billion. So far, the consumer apps are the high earners, but companies are expected to spend significant amount of money in building business mobile apps in the coming years.

According to the latest smartphone audience figures from comScore, Facebook’s mobile app ranked as the 1st-largest mobile app during the 3-month period ending in October 2013 which reached 75.7% of adult iOS and Android app users. The closest competitor to Facebook in the smartphone app popularity contest is Google Play, with its 54% reach a fair distance back.

Apple devices dominated in mobile ad impressions across the globe in Q3 of 2013. According to, the iPhone commanded 49% share of mobile device impressions across the globe, with the iPod Touch adding another 8.6%. Apple was even more dominant in impression share when it came to tablets, with the iPad gobbling up 76% share in Q3. With a CTR index of 1.14, the iPad bested all other tablets, although it fell behind a variety of other tablets in the eCPM index.

Google is constantly updating its mysterious secret algorithm every year. While most of these changes are minor, Google occasionally rolls out a major algorithmic update such as Google Panda and Google Hummingbird that affects search results in significant ways. To help you understand what changes the search engine leader has made this year so far to its algorithms, we've got the list of all of the major ones made in 2013.

Every marketer and business owner know it is important for their business to be on the Mobile platform. But everyone struggles when it comes to choosing between Mobile App and Mobile Website. Mobile websites are great and it doesn't require users to download and install anything on their smart phone or tablet, but do they provide the features that an app can provide? Each has different purpose and the mobile websites are not necessarily a replacement for an App. But, let us see what the users preference and where they spend more time?

Many have argued that HTML5 can’t compete with high quality computer gaming, but this is about to change with WebGL powered HTML5. WebGL is a new standard in HTML5 that allows games to gain access to hardware acceleration. Just like native games. The introduction of WebGL in HTML5 is a massive leap in what the browser can deliver and it allows for web games to be built with previously unseen graphics quality.

How cool it would be if you could access your favorite iPhone apps from your Android phone or tablet or vice-versa? Remember your dual booting PC? Windows OS in one partition and Linux on the other; soon you could do the same from your mobile phone. A dual-booting mobile phone?

There is no secret to anyone that people are browsing the web more from their smartphones and tablets rather than from traditional computers. So having a mobile-friendly site for business nowadays is more important than ever.

Hybrid apps, which offer a balance between HTML5-based web apps and native apps, will be used in more than 50 percent of mobile apps by 2016, according to research firm Gartner, Inc. While native application development offers the ultimate user experience and...

According to an analysis from researchers at the University of Illinois published in First Monday, Twitter activity is highly concentrated among a small subset of heavy users. The report finds top 1% of Twitter users accounted for 20% of all tweets, the top 5% accounted for 48% of all tweets and the top 15% accounted for 85% of all tweets.

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