Website Development

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In helping our clients reach their goals online, we often have to think outside the box. We build custom, state of the art websites and web applications that are specific to their business requirement. No business has the same objective nor requires the same technological solution that might have worked for a competitor. That is why we stay on the cutting-edge to create original and downright smart applications, software, and whatever else your business might need to achieve its online goals.

Website Design & Development

The design of your website is a direct reflection of your company. In a few fleeting moments, your website's design will reveal to visitors what kind of business you operate and how you want to be perceived. The design will also determine if your online visitors find what they need and stay on your site or simply go looking elsewhere. Our web designers have spent years perfecting the multilayer art of custom web design, and they're passionate about creating clean, professional and organized websites that are easy to navigate. A website designed by TekIntelligence will have A clean and intuitive interface Relevant and focused information Easy to read content layouts Cross-browser compatibility Easy to follow navigation Increase Your Website's Credibility & Effectiveness The internet is a fast-paced, cutting edge environment, and sometimes what was really cool and innovative last year can seem tired and ineffective tomorrow. That's where TekIntelligence comes in. Frequently, it isn't a brand new, first-time website that you need but the redesign of an existing website instead. We have a lot of experience taking a mediocre or out-of-date web design and re-inventing it with a powerful and memorable website redesign.

eCommerce Development

Online sales have revolutionized how companies do business. Marketing and sales strategies have changed dramatically in recent years in order to take advantage of the benefits of the Internet. For any service or product organization, eCommerce functionality can improve efficiencies and accelerate sales potential. TekIntelligence's research shows that successful online commerce means structuring the business around the customer. Developing a clear online sales strategy that compliments other sales channels is an important step that is unfulfilled by many companies. The TekIntelligence Advantage TekIntelligence has the experience and insight to help retailers achieve a successful eCommerce experience. With a unique mix of capabilities, TekIntelligence is the ideal business partner. Our ongoing research into eCommerce development ensures that we have a thorough understanding of eCommerce processes, capabilities, challenges, and potential results. As a leader in this technology development, TekIntelligence creates a competitive advantage for our clients. We offer all of the tools needed to make your online store a success. TekIntelligence features will help you create your store, get noticed, manage your sales and customer relationships, and anything else you may need. Spend less time building and managing and more time doing what you want.

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Our Process

An exceptional mobile app starts by understanding your vision and requirements. In order to gain a better perspective into your niche and market, we listen and ask questions so as to understand your initiatives, audience, and goals. The ultimate goal is to ensure that business objectives, mobile technology, and creative design are captured properly and communicated.

While designing ‘look and feel’ of your app, our design team will ensure that it looks awesome on the mobile screens for many different resolutions. As soon as the design is signed off, our mobile developers then get to work building your app following The Project Plan.

To test your app, our Quality Assurance team uses the checklists, specifications and wireframes created at the earlier stages to make sure it works flawlessly on every mobile platform – iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows

Once your mobile product is ready and you’re happy with the results, we will release it to Apple's App Store and Google Play. Additional co-marketing opportunities are also available.