Cross Platform Apps

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With the emergence of smart phones, tablets and other mobile technology, the need for mobile application development also increased. Today, there are numerous interesting mobile applications available which makes the use of mobile phones more exciting. TekIntelligence offers professional mobile application (both native and cross platform) development and mobile website development services for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows platforms.

iPhone/iPad Apps

If we think of category-defining mobile devices, iPhone is likely to come first in our minds. It has changed the whole mobile scenario by redefining the mobile technology and application infrastructure. It provides an ideal platform for mobile app ventures simply because it has an enormously high market penetration and application-savvy consumer base. Our iPhone application development services revolve around the cornerstones of efficiency, reliability, technical competency and visual engagement. We offer client oriented services that are also focused on the needs, demands, interests and preferences of the end user.

Android Apps

Though a relative newcomer in the smartphone market, Android has already gained an overwhelming popularity and is continually having its market share grow at a tremendous rate. Employing benefits of free, open source, and mature technologies endorsed by the software giant Google, Android app development has the potential to create waves in the coming times with a highly technical interface in the mobile world. TekIntelligence approaches Android application development highly proficiently being well conversant with the Android Software Development Kit and all the tools and technologies required to build superior-quality Android apps. With a complete command on this innovative platform that’s largely driven by the Android 3.0 improvements, we are now working with the latest technology version of the Android family.

Windows Mobile Apps

Our Windows Mobile development team can help you define the road-map for making your existing software product available on Windows Mobile. Our Windows Mobile development can translate this vision into reality by taking care of all the necessary Windows Mobile development for your software. We provide all the type of custom Windows mobile development and Windows game development. We have experienced developers for Windows mobile development who can develop Windows mobile application for mobile platforms. We provide quality-rich Windows mobile application development services which will have flexibility in development platform.

BlackBerry Apps

BlackBerry is indispensable in the current settings of mobile application development for the entrepreneurial needs. Designed especially to target the business class people and professionals who are required to manage their business even while on the go, this smartphone is full of features and facilities whose usage can extend to an entire enterprise, small or huge. TekIntelligence is expert in BlackBerry application development. Whether it’s technical excellence to deliver business value or a mobile application need of some other niche, we ensure that our clients get solutions that are highly interactive, flexible, scalable, inter-operable, and seamless.

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Our Process

An exceptional mobile app starts by understanding your vision and requirements. In order to gain a better perspective into your niche and market, we listen and ask questions so as to understand your initiatives, audience, and goals. The ultimate goal is to ensure that business objectives, mobile technology, and creative design are captured properly and communicated.

While designing ‘look and feel’ of your app, our design team will ensure that it looks awesome on the mobile screens for many different resolutions. As soon as the design is signed off, our mobile developers then get to work building your app following The Project Plan.

To test your app, our Quality Assurance team uses the checklists, specifications and wireframes created at the earlier stages to make sure it works flawlessly on every mobile platform – iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows

Once your mobile product is ready and you’re happy with the results, we will release it to Apple's App Store and Google Play. Additional co-marketing opportunities are also available.